Friday, April 04, 2008

For next week

Hi people, enjoying your weekend? You should be, rest and relax because next week will be quite busy. Some dates to remember:

Tuesday 8th:
Placement oral interviews by AACI
Bring your new A4 folders to start your portfolios

Friday 11th:
Written integrative test (including all you saw last year and this last month, pay special attention to past modals and wishes/regrets, the new structures)
If you have doubts or questions you can consult me on Tuesday or Thursday.

Any class this week:
Hand in the last two activities on the blog, individual, printed, with name and task (once corrected they will join the portfolio):
Activity 1: Reported Speech (At the book store)
Activity 4: Ameriquest spots (both the comprehension questions and the examples of modals of speculation)

I think that's all so far.
Good work today, though you were a bit noisy. Friday syndrome perhaps?

Bye for now, Jimena

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