Monday, May 19, 2008

Some news

Hi people, just to remind you to post the first four activities of our wiki, namely:

1. What is Technology? Reading Comprehension (4 questions + 1 discussion forum)
2. The Nature of Technology Translate the second paragraph
3. Translating Successfully Compare your translation in task 2 with the same automatic version by Systran and a CAT of the same paragraph. Complete the conslusion comparative chart on the wiki page.
4. Technology and Science Listening Comprehension (Abstract and Listening Activities 1 and 2) IMPORTANT: When you post the listening activities, write May 23rd on in the date field (Opciones de Entrada, Fecha de Publicación) at the bottom of the window, below Publicar Entrada, this way, it will only be displayed by that date. Guess why? I'm sure you will!

Some tips to remember:

  • Include the name of the wiki page on the title of the blog post.
  • Bear in mind that this four activities together with the first four activities we worked with on our blog and the e-mail (Writing Task 1 in FC Expert) account for the compulsory tasks for this first term.
  • Friday 23rd is the last deadline to post or hand in tasks for the first term.

Have a nice weekend, and rest, you have many tests to come!!

Take care, Jimena

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