Saturday, June 28, 2008

Coming soon... with some changes!

Hi, this just to remind you the schedule we arranged on in our last class:

Tuesday 1st: English Lab. New project: "Entrepreneurship at ORT".

Thursday 3rd: Read "Death in the Dojo", chapters 1 to 8. Complete Module 3B in the coursebook (pages 37 to 40) to correct in class.

Friday 4th: Lab.

Tuesday 8th: Lab. Finish items 1 to 3 from activity 2 (Bits and Bundles).

Thursday 10th: Bring our last test to correct in class and "Death in the Dojo". We are going to revise for the test of Module 3.

Friday 11th: Lab.

Tuesday 15th: Lab

Thursday 17th: Test Module 3. Finish reading "Death in the Dojo".

I hope we can fix to this, if any changes happen to arise, I'll tell you asap.
See on Monday, take care, Jimena

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