Monday, October 13, 2008

Good work, so far...

Some of you have done incredibly well at the Wiki project, congratulations!
For those who are a bit lost, let me remind you about some items you should have already completed and posted. All this information is available at the
lesson plan page of the wiki, consult it when you need to check how to continue and jump to the next step of the project.

1. What is technology? Reading Comprehension task
2. The benefits of technological literacy. Reading Comprehension task, class + forum debate

3. The Nature of Technology. Translation task
4. Translating successfully. Comparison of translation tools

June - July
5. Technology and Science. Listening Comprehension task

August - September
6. Technology and Innovation. Reading comprehension task, forum debate
7. The evolution of Technology. Writing task, forum and slides

October - November
8. The Digital Divide. Writing integrative group task

Remember it is important that you accomplish ALL EIGHT STAGES by mid-november. Consult me or the Lab assistants whenever you need to. We'll be willing to help.

See you next class, Jimena

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