Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Classroom CHANGES!!

Hi people, I just want to post the new classrooms we will be meeting at during April.
Please, take them down and keep them handy.

Tuesday 1st: Room 301 (Building II)
Tuesday 8th: Room 302 (Building III)
Tuesday 15th: Room 102 (Building III)
Tuesday 22nd: Lab
Tusday 29th: Room 201 (Building III)

Thursdays (2°C) and Fridays (2°P) stay the same.

I hope you won´t get lost since I´ll be waiting for you ON TIME. I suggest you print this information for further reference.

On Friday 28th we are NOT meeting at the CEO Lab, but the regular classroom (2°P).

See you there.

Bye, Jimena

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