Saturday, March 08, 2008


Welcome to 4th year English classes!

We already know each other, but here goes my intruduction:

I´m Jimena Castellión, your English teacher this year

You can reach me at: or you may as well post comments on this blog.

We´ll be meeting every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon. This is our timetable:
Tuesdays 13.10 English Lab
Thursdays 16.10 Building I (Yatay) Room "2ºC"
Fridays 13.10 Building I (Yatay) Room "2º P"

For our first classes we´ll be using your last year coursebooks:
Opportunities Intermediate (Student´s and activity books)


Lucas Tavolaro Ortiz said...

Soy Lucas =)

Lucas Tavolaro Ortiz said...

Soy Lucas Tavolaro Ortiz 4Electronica A

Gonzalo said...

I'm Gonzalo Avila Alterach and my mail is

Javito said...

hi, im javier sankowicz... mail
also in hotmail,
but i preffer gmail to mail me..

Tobías said...

Hello Jimena,
I am Tobias Frieder and mi e-mail adress is

juany said...

hi jimena! i am juan ignacio ochoa ciro. my gmail addres is:

kova said...

I'm Nicolas Kovalsky, my gmail account is (Despite it is a yahoo mail, it could be used as a gmail account)

Dani said...

Hi Jimena, I hope this year would be great. Kisses,
Dani M.

daniel said...

hi jimena!
my name is dani dana and my e-mail is

Jimena Castellión said...

Hi, Lucas and welcome, what about your gmail address? Have you created an account yet? If so, send me your address or create an account here:
Good luck, Jimena

Lucas Tavolaro Ortiz said...

My e-mail is in my profile, anyway, it is

franco said...

I'm Franco Podestá, but they call me tute..

my e-mail is

franco said...

I'm Franco Podestá, but they call me tute..

my e-mail is

Pablo said...

I'm Pablo Barroso.
My Gmail address is


Dani said...

Hi Jimena, my mail is

ivan said...

hi jimena!
i'm Ivan Tapiero and my e-mail is

Leandro said...

hi, Im Leandro Abrevaya
my mail is