Saturday, March 29, 2008

Revision on Reported Speech and class work for today

Notes on Reported Speech Notes on Reported Speech jcastel

Hi, as I promised, here go the notes on Reported Speech:

Let’s say you and your friend, Rebecca, are eating dinner at a restaurant on Saturday night. Rebecca tells you all about her boyfriend Joshua. She tells you what Joshua told her on Friday. She can say it in two ways.The first way is called “quoted speech.” Quoted or direct speech is EXACTLY what the person said. Here is an example:Joshua said, “I need to take a taxi.” According to the above sentence, Joshua said EXACTLY those words.The other way of repeating what a person says is called “reported speech.” Reported or indirect speech is NOT EXACTLY what the person said. It is like a summary or paraphrase of what the speaker said. Take a look at the following example:Joshua said that he needed to take a taxi. This is NOT EXACTLY what Joshua said.

Read these notes. You can view them here in different sizes and also e-mail o print them if you wish. I hope they help.

Activity 1:

1. Watch the video.

2. Pay attention to the differences between say and tell.

3. Report the conversation between the shop assisstant and the client. You may write it down or type it on Word (open a new window). We'll correct it in class today.

See you tomorrow, Jimena

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